Penfolds Magill Estate Cellar Door and Kitchen

5 June 2015

I thought it never rained in Adelaide. Until we booked 4 days to shoot the amazing new cellar door and kitchen at Penfolds. The job was simple. Make amazing things look amazing. But after 3 wet evenings and 3 equally wet dawns, I was starting to worry. We shot all the interiors, and managed to get some sunny looking people shots in brief gaps between the clouds, but the hero exterior images were just not happening, even with the massive scissor lift and very generous Penfolds crew who stood with us in the rain. Our plane left Adelaide at 7pm, and the sun came out at 4:30. We had a glorious half hour of running around the vineyard and winery with ladders tripods, computers and cameras. See the shots here

Pedders Mad Monaro

1 May 2015

Pedders spent a small fortune re-building this classic from the first Mad Max movie. It's the Nightrider's Persuit Special 1972 Monaro. (not to be confused with the Ford V8 Interceptor)
We had the fun job of shooting it for Noisy Beast. We did the Stills and Lighting for Nathan's Video. Great smoke work by Greg Sims!

2 days with Daniel Ricciardo

15 January 2015

This guy is amazing. Generous, Funny and the fastest guy in GP racing (in the only test that counts, Top Gear's hot lap). We spent 2 hectic days with Daniel as he filmed a TVC with Infiniti Cars Australia. We had a little time to get some hero still shots of Daniel too! Here's Nathan's BTS Video

ArmorAll Shoot

15 October 2014

The Armorall "Classic Moves" campaign brought together a fun crew headed by Stuart Sheppard, CD at Noisy Beast. The challenge was to create a stylised garage in an old warehouse, then light up a Hot Monaro with a Dancer and the Armorall hero product. Great styling by Beckie Littler and Wardrobe by Kim Bishop. Hair, Make-up and Wigs by Gay Gallagher. Thanks to Nathan at Noisy for the video!

Penfolds new website Launches

6 August 2014

Ildi Ireland and the Penfolds team have launched the all new multi platform Penfolds website. So happy we could contribute with portraits of the winemakers and chefs, and images of the restaurant and food.

The 14th China Pingyao International Photography Festival

4 August 2014

My portrait series "Gossamer" has been selected as part of the Australian exhibition in the largest photographic exhibition in China. The 14th Pingyao International Photography exhibition runs from Sept 19th to 25th. Thanks to Jeff Morfoot and the team from BIFB for promoting the work of Australian artists!

Magill Estate Restaurant opens 28th August

1 August 2013

Looking forward to tasting the food of Scott Huggins at Magill Estate Restaurant. The new restaurant looks incredible and South Australia offers some unique produce for Scotts menu.

Attica Moves Up to 21st

1 May 2013

The San Pellegrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurants have placed Ben Shewry's Attica at number 21 in 2013.

Awesome result!

Singin' in the Rain

23 March 2013

The Production Company has just launched it's line up for their 15th season. This year we shot the artwork for Singin' in the rain. Great fun!

Dan Hunter gets the Cover

20 March 2013

The Cook_Inc team at Vandenberg Edizioni have chosen Dan Hunter's exploding Jerusalem Artichoke photo for their No. 5 cover. The ipad app has the full animated version!
Must buy an iPad.....

Gourmand Awards Shortlist

10 January 2013

The Gourmand world cookbook awards have shortlisted "Origin: The food of Ben Shewry" in the Best Chef Cookbook category for 2012. This is the Gourmand's top category and only 5 books internationally made the list. Great work Ben, Reuben and the Murdoch team.

Origin, the food of Ben Shewry

27 October 2012

Origin is here! Saw a copy at Books for Cooks in Fitzroy.

Dan Hunter and Andrea Petrini

16 October 2012

Back in the studio after two days with Dan at the Royal Mail, shooting for Cook_Inc with legendary food writer Andrea Petrini. Chatting to a farmer on the drive to Dunkeld, his weather forecast was cold wet and miserable. Perfect, love a bit of weather in landscapes. Thanks to Dan, Andrea and all the team at the Royal Mail.

Landscapes for Sale

10 October 2012

For the last 5 years Ive been printing very limited edition landscape prints and selling to friends. More people are now wanting these prints, so we have set up a little site to help display and sell the prints for those who cant make it into the studio and look over my shoulder at the screen.

Origin, advanced copy

24 August 2012

Just saw the first copy of Ben Shewry's book Origin. Ben collected it at the airport on his way to Cook it Raw, Poland. So we sat, ate airport food and quietly turned over the 304 beautiful pages.

Ben brought us together as a team, insisting on Reuben Crossman for brilliant book design and art direction, Bronwyn Terry for carrying my hasselblad kit through knee deep New Zealand mud, and tapping me on the shoulder when she saw a better angle or a smarter way of doing something and the crew at Murdoch books for bringing it all together so well.

Can't wait to see it hit the stores in November 2012

Artshub Interview

5 August 2011

A little interview with Artshub.

Artshub Interview with Jeff Moorfoot

4 August 2011

BIFB11 Festival Director

Jeff is the creator of this massive event. He does a great deal of behind the scenes work to put together the shows and wrangle the artists into line. Thanks Jeff!

Emerging artist article includes Gossamer

1 August 2011

Artshub story

Judith Crispin and I are featured in a news item on "Emerging Artists" at the BIFB11.


20 May 2011

The Ballarat International Foto Biennale

10 International and 10 Australian photographers have been invited to exhibit their work in the Core program of the Ballarat Biennale this year. I'm very fortunate to be included in this group.

The exhibition opens on August 20th 2011 and runs for four weeks.

I'll be showing a new series, Gossamer. A small sample of images is included in the See section. Follow the link above for more information about the event.

New Website

20 May 2011

This website is the product of 2 and a half people.

Mike Gaal: designer, long time Mac user and Flash fan, James Cave: CTO of Remora, IT expert who'd never buy an iphone, sees Mike's demands as a challenge, and has been very clever in his use of Flash with other technologies on this site; and the last half is me.

I don't really care how it moves as long as the photos look good, but I'm happy to be the guinea pig for what seems to be a nice meeting of the design and IT worlds. Thanks guys for the huge effort you've put into this one, hope a few people like it, and hope those photos look good.